A New Breed of Vendor: Designed to Carry the Weight of On-Demand Apparel Production.

WeProduce is uniquely positioned to take on high volume on-demand production clientele. We can either relieve some of the production stress caused by your current volume or establish stand alone verticals with new products.



WeProduce operates multiple facilities in the Southern California area which include: (2) 5000 sqft. sublimation factories,  a 1000 sqft. DTG production facility and a 10 line sewing facility. Cutting, sampling, design and fulfillment services are located on premises.

DAILY capacity

Our current available production capacity is 750 pieces per day, each facility, full-package sublimation production, and 300 pieces per day DTG production. Fulfillment turnaround time is 5-7 days. We will be doubling our cumulative volume, by Holiday 2018. 


Fresh Products

WeProduce offers a growing list of over 45 unique imprint-able fashion pieces to expand your product offering! Keep your Products fresh with expertly designed, on-trend products. Choose from our offerings or work with our expert team to create your next big seller. 

Focus On Fashion: Striking Prints


Each of our facilities is built around a 78" Rotary Drum roll to roll heat press, and 6 large format substrate printers that run 24/7. New designs are printed daily, direct to fabric which are then cut and sewn to client specifications.

BHH Leggings.jpg

Making the Impossible Look Easy.


With a scalable 10 line sewing facility, we can handle most sewing volume with ease. Our team of expert sewers, combined with In-house grading and cutting, makes WeProduce a formidable production partner for bringing unique and fashion forward product to the on-demand production space. 


High Quality On-Demand DTG Printing at Scale.


We offer a full line of fashionable, custom, cut & sew basics to extend the look of your DTG product offerings. Either choose to use our specialty basics or work from our existing stock program. We keep full stock of all major brands, and can spin up alongside your existing vendors, or take over a segment of your production volume.


A Full Package Provider with Multiple Essential Services Under One Roof.



Let Us Be Your Design Team! We always maintain an extensive network of design and graphics professionals to facilitate new product creation and ease the burden of existing production needs Our exclusive roster of seasoned designers has extensive expertise in the 'premium contemporary', 'action sports' and 'better street' marketplaces. We will rock on your dime!



Rapid New Product Creation: The Key to Success at Retail. Constant innovation is the key to staying a step ahead of the competition at retail. We are continually developing new and interesting fashion items for our clients on a seasonal basis. Pick from our existing offerings or work with our team to create unique products for customization and production.



Shipping At The Speed of Online Retail. With multiple fulfillment stations at each location, we are able to maximize our shipping footprint and get orders out! Our team has an expert level understanding of many of the current fulfillment systems to automate your order processing. We can work with your existing software or integrate your site into our native system.